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Farewell Porsche 911 Targa

Yes it’s true. I’ve decided to let my old 911 go to a new home. I hope the new owner has the time, garage skills to bring this old beauty back to life. 

After owning the 911 for well over 18 months now, I’ve realised that my pipe dream of spending weekends and evenings renovating a classic 911 just isn’t going to happen.

This dad-of-four barely has time to shave let alone spanner.

So, I’ve been looking at various options – Do I sell privately? Do I sell to a trader? Do I part exchange it with a package deal including the Cayenne and get my dream 993 Cab?

Choices Choices…

I sold my 1988 Porsche 911 Cabriolet Supersport SSE Widebody for $20k

Was I mad?

Tidying up some old emails today I found this gem from 2001

So, I’ve had my 911 SSE for a year now. Extremely happy with it, even though it’s a bit of a garage queen – I just don’t like the idea of leaving the Porker exposed to our inclement English weather. I use a Jeep wrangler for everyday commuting. I believed this was the perfect compromise between sensible daily driver and fun weekend car.

But then Sunday afternoon… Oh Dear… I drove a colleagues 993 Targa Tip…. What an awesome car! Every single component from the precise steering to the good old fashioned seat of the pants sensation just grabbed me. I was amazed at how smooth the Tip gearbox was, the power range seemed virtually endless and the whole car felt like it was stuck to the tarmac. I think that moment when I first turned the ignition… I already knew that my bank balance was in trouble! After 30 minutes of leisurely driving (“Honest officer!”) around Surrey’s country roads and a couple of motorway blasts I was ready to sell my soul to the Devil.

Which leads to my questions….

I love the Targa top but have heard a few nasty stories of leaks, squeaks, etc. even though the 911 that I drove was squeak free and had never leaked. Was this problem a feature of a specific year/model?

The other choice is the wide body Carrera, which I understand was only available in Coupe? I *love* the look of these cars but given the choice – widebody coupe or Targa?

o  I am leaning towards Targa at the moment.
o  Definitely want Tiptronic S
o  I *think* want a C2 not a C4
o  I *think* I want to aim for the ’97 model year

Any 993 owners with advice or other info that might help me would be gratefully appreciated.


Now the blatant FOR SALE bit!

Both my motors need a new home… Of course if anyone is willing to do a straight swap of my 911 for their 993 Targa that would be perfect!!! Well… you have to try don’t you?

I live in Camberley, Surrey, South West of London so email me if you’re interested.

Porsche 911 Carrera Supersport Cabriolet
1988(F) Black, red leather interior with red carpets and black floor mats, 17″ cups (originals Fuchs+tyres inc as spares), Power Hood, MultiCD player, Koni Shocks, recent new SSI exchangers, 56k miles with FSH – mixture of OPC and Porsche ‘Specialist’, Star-Chip and full enclosure alarm fitted last year and private plate (OFS1Y) included in price. A1 Condition.
£20,000 ono )

1998(S) Black, £2000 new alloys & tyres, originals inc as spares, Soft top, side steps, removable stereo, FJSH with 17,000 Miles 3 Owners. Tax & MOT. Looks and drives like new – First to see will buy.
£8,500 ono 

Cheers all,
88 911 SSE Cab – For Sale!

[97 993 Targa – waiting in the sidelines?]

French Santa Saves Biker from Hit and Run in Paris

Christmas Justice – This French Santa is Legend!

Like every crazy festive French Motovlogger, Chris-RS – dressed as Father Christmas – decided to have a little cruise around the beautiful Parisian suburbs. Little did he know that he would end up being involved in this seasons epic motorcycle chase.

While turning right you can see him clock the villain of this piece from the corner of his eye. The Villain clips the other biker, knocking them over and then just driving off.  So, our hero Monsieur Claus gives chase.

Epic chase ensues ending in… well… you watch and see

Well played Santa – well played  🙂

#projectstork makes me hashtag jealous :)

So, I stumbled across this series of videos on Youtube called #ProjectStork. This chap is chronicling the resurrection a 1977 911 that has been sitting in a garage since 2002. Sounds familiar huh…

 Manuel Carrillo III begin the process of resurrecting the 1977 Porsche 911S that belonged to his father. It’s the car that brought him home from the hospital. Who said restoring a 1977 Porsche 911 S was easy? No one. That doesn’t mean someone with limited mechanical ability can’t tackle such a restoration. It simply means anyone who attempts a Porsche 911 restoration needs to be emotionally prepared for one part blood, one part sweat, and five parts tears.

The rebirth process has been sponsored by Hayes (you know the famous workbook peeps), CTEK chargers and Borla are designing and building a new exhaust system for it. Colour me jealous.

Episode 1 - dragging it out of its 15 year long hidey hole

Episode 2 - draining fluids and inspecting

Episode 3 - actually firing the thing up!

Only three episodes so far!!!

I wish we had longer and more detailed episodes. /me loves stuff like this

It’s inspired me….


Solving the wet Cayenne Carpet Conundrum

Finally found and solved the wet carpet problem.

Without my normal waffle – it was the drain tube from the Air Conditioning. This is a rubber hose with a semi-sealed end with a cut/slit or burper opening. The end was blocked, or had sealed itself shut, apparently a common problem with older Cayennes that have heavy AC use. So, after driving around with aircon running, the cold condensation builds up and has no where to drain to. It sits in a little overflow tank until it finally fills up and floods out on drivers (and passengers feet) when cornering. Sound familiar? If so, then this video will help fix it.

It’s a simple job – one screw look for the hose, found it, opened it, sprayed some lube (WD40) to stop it sticking shut again and *boom* aircon is properly draining and no more wet carpet.



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