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FOR SALE – *SOLD*! 1998 Triumph Daytona T595 – Strontium Yellow


FOR SALE! 1998 Triumph Daytona T595

UPDATE AUGUST 20th 2022 — SOLD to a lucky new owner on EBAY. With a tear in my eye. But a little happy smile because he is getting a great machine!

I bought this bike a decade ago, and *shame-on-me* simply haven’t ridden it.

Just after buying the custard racer off a friend of a friend – who hadnt ridden it for several years after a work injury…. I picked it up, rode it home and then sent it to a shop for a detailed service. Then *boom* I got divorced (but that is a whole story) and accepted a job that kept me flying around the USA for 5 years. During this time the bike sat in storage at the shop. Five years later, I’ve moved to Texas, California and Nevada and the bike moved with me. Quietly hibernating while it spent 99% of its time either (a) sitting in storage lockers while I am away working or (b) hiding in the garage on a battery tender or (c) having brief rides around the town when it’s cool enough to ride without being melted by the desert sun.

Why am I selling?

Because I am moving to Spain. Really!

I’m ready for covering the bike in bubble wrap, loading into a shipping container and sailing it on its way – but would rather sell and buy a new Spanish bike when I get there. Maybe a Triumph Bonneville?

It will be a sign from above if nobody contacts me – God rides a Triumph.  🙂

As you can see from the blog. It’s a great bike, runs perfectly, pulls strongly and still has potential for some tinkering.

That’s right – all this Yellow Awesomeness

Buy me on Ebay

1998 Triumph Daytona | eBay

Some History

The previous owner also had it in dry storage for 2 years. The bike is almost like new and I got it to keep as a strict summer time ride. Super low mileage and the best color.

I recently replaced air filter, oils and fluids and the old girl fired up first time.

I simply don’t ride this bike – which is a shame.

Suddenly, it’s 2022 and I’m moving to Spain. That’s right!

So it means The Custard Racer has gotta go to a new home.

Bike still gets a lot of looks, some really nice lines on it. Bike is torquey, it pulls strong in any gear, and I averaged 38-40 mpg with it.

1998 Triumph T595 Daytona – 955 cc 3 cylinder. 8,300 miles! I bought is with just 8k and cant believe I have only put on three hundred miles.

Does it need anything?

Short answer is NO – it starts and runs like a dream.

But.. it could do with a service and the front break feels a little spongy (like it might have air in the line).

FOR SALE - *SOLD*! 1998 Triumph Daytona T595 - Strontium Yellow 11

K&N Air filter, cleaned and reoiled August 2019.

Tires look reasonable but I have new ones ready to install. I bought the tires at start of Covid and haven’t got around to installing. You can have them!

I got a bunch of T595 goodies on ebay and haven’t had time to fit them: new c/f indicators (repeaters), nylon body sliders, paddock stand and lots of spare bits and pieces.  I just haven’t go the time I thought I would have to ride and tinker.

Only things I have done to it otherwise have been maintenance or cosmetic. Oil changed, new filters, and fluids.

Last time I moved house the movers cranked the bike too tight in the moving truck and it broke off the rear-view mirror. I have brand new replacements but just havent ever found time to fit them.

Left side fairing has a few small paint chips and scratches (again from the movers) around the base of the fairing and near the edge of the hand grips. Nothing noticeable until someone points it out. I have touch up paint but haven’t got around to doing it.

I’m leaving Las Vegas and heading to Europe in October – I was planning on taking the bike but it just doesn’t make sense.

So, make me a reasonable offer and ride it away, but bring a car to take the paddock stand and all the other Triumph goodies.

Must be collected by end of October 2022

No takers… I wont be sad… its the universe telling me to keep the old girl… then its being wheeled into the moving truck, into the storage container with our clothes and furniture and heading across the world (again!)


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