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A New Home for a barnfind Porsche 911 with a Flat Tire

Playing with Instagram as I finally got the barnfind porsche #911Targa into the garage…

A New Home… #porsche #911 #targa #classicporsche #porsche911 #rebuild #homemechanic

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PS: It needs a little more work than just a FLAT TIRE  😉

A year in California and it still doesn’t feel like *home*

My months in California have been fun but I’ve discovered the famous California lifestyle just isnt quite everything that it’s cracked up to be. I thought I would love it here but… I just… dont… Dont get me wrong, it’s a lovely place but not the shangri-la I was expecting: The weather is great but it’s always the same and I miss the seasons, lots of new places to explore but roads are ridiculously over-crowded, the outside lifestyle is great but houses are way overpriced,  beaches are nice but water is murky and chilly.

All in all, I’m not as impressed as I thought I would be.

Now an exciting new job offer is enticing me back to the East Coast — I get to work remote most of the time so I’ve selected my favorite City discovered during my American adventures: Charleston SC.

Love #chucktown 🙂

So, after a few hours of deliberation and several glasses of wine… it’s time to up sticks and move. Again.

Tiberius isn’t even running yet and he is already being packed up and moved 3000 miles again!

More on this adventure later… because now I have to find out about registering him in South Carolina.

After moving to California – it’s time to try and get the old boy running

I originally bought this bike in Virginia, when I first moved to the good ole USA back in 2010. I got it from a guy in Ohio who had not ridden it for nearly 6 years (or so he said). But, the bike was clean and it started after a little persuasion, ran for about 15 minutes and then died… I trailored it back to my then home in VA, parked it in my office and promptly went off to work in Georgia for nearly a year. The triumph slept once more.

Then I relocated to South Carolina, Tiberius moved with me into a fresh new storage locker. I did some investigation and found the fuel line had come off the input port in the fuel pump in side the tank. Refitted the line and he started up (with a little reluctance) and I even managed to ride him around my local community for 20 minutes before it died again.

Hashtag “back in storage”.

Then I took a 3 month job in Vegas (who wouldn’t?) and that then stretched to a year and then lead me to here — Southern California. I’m here for a few while, so it’s time to try and fire the old geezer up and get him on the roads…

Selling the bike, motovlogger moves to America where the grass might be most definitely (probably) greener

So, I recently moved house and selling the Silver Trumpet was a necessity. I hated selling it, but when your new house is in a different country on the other side of the world, sometimes you just can’t fit everything in a suitcase.

Luckily, my wonderful old Silver Triumph Daytona CE 2002 went to a great home (my next door neighbor Steve) and now I’ve finally got settled in here in the USA, it’s time to scour the USA for a new machine to lug me around. So here I am, 2010 is looming on the horizon and I’m in a new country, a new house and completely and utterly bike less (for the first time in 20 years)

Do I turn to the dark side and get some big Harley type cruiser?

Do I wait in the vain hope for a new big bore Daytona from Triumph?

What about the Triumph 1050 Sprint?

Or is it back to my delusional hunt for the perfect 2001 old-style Daytona 955i… decisions.. decisions…