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Moving to Vegas – Cayenne, 911 and Daytona

Driving through Arkansas… a huge chunk of road debris (and I mean huge – it looked like an axle from a car) bounced up from the car in front and smashed into the rental truck.

Towing the 911 at pretty much top speed (within the speed limit officer #honest) there wasn’t much to do in that split second other than grit my teeth….

this was the aftermath….


Fitting bodywork to a T595 Triumph Daytona | Free #MIRROR give-away competition

#MIRROR Free Stuff

Finally, the old boy is close to being back in road-worthy condition. It’s been a long, lazy journey for Tiberius the Trumpet but he is finally looking good. Running Good. Sounding awesome. Everything seems to be working nicely.  Just a couple of minor issues to fix and then to get back on the road:

  • Engine running – check
  • Body work fitted – check
  • Crash Bungs – waiting to be fitted (now I’m out of #idiot mode)
  • New Tires – waiting to be fitted
  • Front Indicators – need trimming, wiring and fitting

During fitting I decided to stick with the original Triumph Factory rear-view mirrors. So I now have a spare set of carbon look front mirrors… an unwanted set of mirrors… new sexy mirrors… and I’m giving them away for free!

To win these mirrors:
(1) Comment on the YOUTUBE video using the hashtag #MIRROR
(2) Share the Video to facebook, twitter, whereever you want
(3) subscribe please?

When I see 50 comments – I will choose one at random! Then I can post the mirrors to you free of charge. I’ve had plenty of help from other bikers over the years and it’s just a small gesture to maybe help someone else out…

Who said there was no such thing as a free lunch?

Good Luck!

The calm before the storm – riding around Park West in Mount Pleasant SC

Days before the very naughty Hurricane Matthew hits Charleston…

I decided to stay here, ignoring the evacuation order. I feel like this house is far enough inland and sheltered enough that it wont be affected by the storm (except flying debris possibly) and the only flooding that we should face is from the rainfall.

So, it’s time for some hurricane preperation.

  • Buy lots of beer
  • Jack the Porsche up to raise it as far above the garage floor as possible
  • Test Helmet Cam and
  • Park the Triumph in the house… after taking it for a quick spin around the lovely housing estate called Park West in Mount Pleasant SC

(worst hurricane preparation system ever)

Best of British – Motovlogger “Baron Von Grumble”

Double Bloody Decker

The Baron was probably the first motovlogger that I saw on The You Tubes.

001He’s amusing,irreverent, caustic and his earlier motovlogs were mainly just commuting videos into London. His style reminds of Peep Show – the series. I loved watching them because he frequently rode the same commute route that I used to ride up into town. While he was recovering from a broken leg he recorded a video riding around Soho (Disabled Prostitutes) on a disability scooter. Still makes me laugh.

Over recent years he’s become a motorcycle celebrity and even launched his own magazine style business call 44 Teeth.

Best of luck to you Baron and keep up the good work!

Tiberius Lives (aka rebirth of a 1998 Triumph Daytona 955i Triple Sportsbike)!

Tiberius the Triumph Daytona is ALIVE!

rebirth of a triumph daytonaAfter replacing the fuel pump, a couple of geriatric rubber hoses, upgrading the fuel connectors and a fluid/filter change we have lift off! Project “rebirth of a 1998 Triumph Daytona” is looking good!

The old boy is now ticking over nicely and being gently introduced to the tarmac in short controlled runs to gently run the engine in.  I have two news tyres (aka tires) waiting to be fitted and still have a shortlist of easy servicing items that need to be looked at. But, he’s alive and running.

Next video should be fitting the crash bungs, bodywork, tyres, new indicators and brake line flush…. then… we might be ready for an extended ride out.

But, the bad news is that this is going to take a few months to get ready. I need to do that pesky American Motorcycle license before I do anything else…. and very annoyingly I have some super busy work assignments in the real world that are going to eat up my weekends until after Santa comes. But… it’s so close to running its getting my juices going. #excited

Fun days ahead.

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