August 22

Selling the bike, motovlogger moves to America where the grass might be most definitely (probably) greener

So, I recently moved house and selling the Silver Trumpet was a necessity. I hated selling it, but when your new house is in a different country on the other side of the world, sometimes you just can’t fit everything in a suitcase.

Luckily, my wonderful old Silver Triumph Daytona CE 2002 went to a great home (my next door neighbor Steve) and now I’ve finally got settled in here in the USA, it’s time to scour the USA for a new machine to lug me around. So here I am, 2010 is looming on the horizon and I’m in a new country, a new house and completely and utterly bike less (for the first time in 20 years)

Do I turn to the dark side and get some big Harley type cruiser?

Do I wait in the vain hope for a new big bore Daytona from Triumph?

What about the Triumph 1050 Sprint?

Or is it back to my delusional hunt for the perfect 2001 old-style Daytona 955i… decisions.. decisions…


ce, daytona, moving, triumph

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