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Will a 6’4″ Fatty fit in a Boxster?

The answer is “yes” with a little bit of *snug*

Welcome to my new (to me) Porsche Boxster 2003 (but its the 2002 model). It’s the base model in Silver with black interior and it all works and is in incredibly good condition for a car that is nearly twenty years old.

I was seriously worried that I wouldnt fit – at 6’4″ weighing in around 300lbs (21stone) with 34″ inside leg and a giant moon head. But I do, with a little squishing. Not that it worries me, because living in the glorious desert sunshine of Las Vegas this roof will be down 99% of the time.

Saguaro National Park Arizona in a Boxster

It’s time to add a new car to the stable 🙂

Oooh That sound posh!

So, I found a super cheap Porsche Boxster in excellent condition. Ever since selling my (painfully crap) Audi A5 Cabriolet I’ve missed that wind in the hair driving experience. So, I bought this little sports car on the other side of the country and drove it home to Vegas over a 4 day, 3000 mile, cross country extravaganza.

Day three was cruising across Arizona and we dipped into the Saguaro National park:

Pedro Mota is taking motovlogs to a whole new level

I recently stumbled across #PedroMota on Youtube.

This global motorcycle traveler (and seemingly professional video maker) is fascinating to watch. His videos are beautifully shot, excellently narrated and contain compelling shots of interesting, dangerous and plain awesome locations as he travels around the world on his Enduro.

Check out this video of him cruising a remote Brazilian beach – especially the wonderful drone shots around 8:20

Las Vegas opens after corona virus

From Ghost Town to Viva Las Vegas

As #LasVegas slowly comes back to life with Casinos, hotels, restaurants and (most importantly) bars opening on June 4th — it’s my first day back the office after two and half months of working remote. So, come with me for a little drive down the Las Vegas Strip….

911 Owner Stories: Dan and his 993 Carrera 4S

I just randomly stumbled across this little video from Porsche. It’s an owner story of a chaps passion for this Porsche 911 – my fave model the 993. He loves it!

His description of the driving process and visceral feel of driving one of these machines is spot on!

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