October 1

Upgrading 2008 to 2011 Porsche Cayenne

Upgraded from my 2008 Cayenne to a 2011 – Huge Improvement

I had no intentions of selling my 2008 Cayenne S. I was very happy with it.

Then, one day just browsing the online car ads – actually looking for an older 911 – I saw this ad for a 2011 Cayenne S in pristine condition. I mean pristine in bold. It really is in such great condition that despite standard mileage it looks like it’s been babied every single day.

The previous owner really looked after this car and seems have had it carefully looked after on every road trip. A quick meetup with him, and I was hooked even before I fired up the engine for a test drive.

The next part of the story is selling my old 2008 to a friend of mine – which was a great move for both of us. I got the money I wanted and the happiness of knowing I sold a good car to a good bloke.

Anyway, enough waffle – here is a quick look at the new Porker in the stable:


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