July 9

Moving an old, sick, dusty, broken down Triumph Daytona to California


Tiberius the Trumpet has sat in storage for years… then I bought him in 2010 and got him running but Just for a few days. He broke down (rubber had corroded on an old fuel injector pipe) and quietly gathered dust for a few weeks before slinking back in storage again while I traveled around for nearly two years.

Fast forward to Summer 2013 — I’ve accepted a new job offer for a Gig based in California and he’s dragged out of storage to move across country and (hopefully) to get resurrected.

Packing up for the big move from East Coast to West Coast… Tiberius is pulled out of the darkest corners of the storage garage he has lived in for the last two years. Flat battery. scratched, bruised and poorly from rough handling by various house-movers over the last couple of years…. its time to load him in the truck and relocate to the Pacific.

Then, it’s probably straight back into storage to tell the truth… new job, new State, family relocation, new schools will make it a busy few months. But hopefully sometime later it might be:

  • Strip down, rebuild and make the bike like new
  • Choose helmet cam
  • Get Californian Bike License
  • Get out on the Roads

Not necessarily in that order  🙂


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