filtering is madness, joyous and utterly crazy in Bali

So, sipping on my usual early morning cup of coffee, chowing on a lemon-poppy seed muffin and cruising youtube for new motovlogging videos I stumbled across SJBALI. What a joy to watch!

Riding a bike in Bali seems like utter madness. I genuinely sat watching with my mouth open (crumbs of muffin gently tumbling onto my keyboard) as I watched this daily commute video

… and to think that I’m here in South Carolina, contemplating how to get my riding license activated over here and resurrect my biking life. I’ve been looking forward to getting back on the roads, thoroughly excited at the prospect of riding around Charleston and mildy upset that South Carolina doesnt allow filtering (or lane splitting as the colonials call it). I used to enjoy filtering through London but Bali is a different planet!

Watchin SJ’s video has made me realize what a pussy I am…. LOL!