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After moving to California – it’s time to try and get the old boy running

I originally bought this bike in Virginia, when I first moved to the good ole USA back in 2010. I got it from a guy in Ohio who had not ridden it for nearly 6 years (or so he said). But, the bike was clean and it started after a little persuasion, ran for about 15 minutes and then died… I trailored it back to my then home in VA, parked it in my office and promptly went off to work in Georgia for nearly a year. The triumph slept once more.

Then I relocated to South Carolina, Tiberius moved with me into a fresh new storage locker. I did some investigation and found the fuel line had come off the input port in the fuel pump in side the tank. Refitted the line and he started up (with a little reluctance) and I even managed to ride him around my local community for 20 minutes before it died again.

Hashtag “back in storage”.

Then I took a 3 month job in Vegas (who wouldn’t?) and that then stretched to a year and then lead me to here — Southern California. I’m here for a few while, so it’s time to try and fire the old geezer up and get him on the roads…

Another year goes by… 2014 looms large while Tiberius Slumbers

2013 has come and gone.

Tiberius the Custard Racer has quietly spent the year hibernating in a storage lockup (for the first 5 months) and then in the house garage (for the next 7 months) while I’ve spent the bulk of the year flying around the country, working out of state. Not as glamorous as that may sound. Family has expanded by one – little Daisy Belle being our latest addition – and at Christmas I started a new job, in a new State and we are looking at moving later in Spring.

So, its find house, move house, move stuff, move bike (carefully), setup garage as nice little work shop and let the tinkering begin in earnest.

This also means I have to take my American Motorcycle test in California… the state of sunshine, winding roads and filter (or lane splitting as my colonial friends call it).

Fun times ahead….