March 19

I just bought a Triumph Daytona T595 – 955 injection in Strontium Yellow

1998 Triumph Daytona T595

Yesterday, I was delighted to go collect my 1998 Daytona T595 from some ebay Bloke. I’m told the bike has been in storage for the last 4 years but the last registered date on the license plate is 2004(!) so I suspect its been in storage a little longer than that.

So, I flew to his house in North Carolina where it was sitting refilled with oil, water and new battery. On first inspection I was totally delighted, the bike really is in fantastic condition and everyone that has seen it so far can’t believe it is from 1998…. but I digress.. Fuel was low but there a few slurps in the bottom of the tank. Filled with delicious Premium Petrol and the Daytona fired up on virtually the first turn, ran a little rough for a minute or so then settled into a nice purr.

I let it warm for a few minutes then took it for a very gentle spin around the block: it rode perfect. So I got back to eBay chaps house, turned it off, gave him some dosh, restarted and rode off: it rode perfect. Much better than I expected and I spent the next fifteen minutes riding easily 40-60mph with a huge grin on my face.

But then… on the outskirts of town…. *cough* *cough* *splutter*


The engine died and I rolled to a stop.

It looks like the fuel pump has packed up? It turns over, tries to start but just sounds like its not getting any fuel… no smell from exhaust…


Anyway, life is to short to be upset of these little moments of excitement, so I quickly rented a little PENSKE truck (which just happened to be down the end of the road) and loaded up, heading for Virginia and my garage for a tinker.


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