September 13

BOL D’OR 2002 – Magny Cours in France – with the T595 Squadron

Some midnight BOL D’OR motorcycle anarchy during a cold September evening in France 2002 comprising Triumph motorcycle engine abuse, backfires, rev limiters, flaming exhausts and bang-bang-banging Rob got his camcorder out.

 Cast of Characters:
  • Eric with his pride and joy 955i – banging, popping and snarling
  • Me on the far left shooting flames from the silver daytonas underseat exhaust
  • Bang-Bang-Brian living up to his name
  • Cab  backfiring the exhaust while two French guys light cigarettes of the flames (Honestly!)
  • Gary forgetting that he had just given the engine a serious overhaul two days previously
  • Johnnie  and his rear tyre burnout into the campfire
How the Hell did we get this drunk, wake up at 2 in the morning and decide it was a good idea to rev the bollocks off our lovely motorcycles… and only one of them died…. it wasnt mine!  😉
Remember kids – It’s not big and it’s not clever


Bol Dor

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