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Porsche Cayenne S – Engine Coil problem causes flashing engine MIL CEL light

Driving thru Ohio (on route to South Carolina) my 2008 Porsche Cayenne decided it was time to have it’s first breakdown. Suddenly engine coughing, jerking and flashing engine MIL light scared me into thinking I was stuck hundreds of miles from home.


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After calling every roadside garage and service center I could find on Google and being told the same thing “Sorry it’s friday afternoon. It will have to wait until Monday” I managed to talk to the Parts Desk at Byers Imports. The gentleman told me they had the parts in stock and if I could limp my car the 20 minute drive to their Porsche Center they would try to help…

I managed to stumble into Byers and their *excellent* customer service staff (notably Jeff Zimmerman) bent over backwards to quickly get me fixed and back on the road. All within an hour and their mechanic diagnosed it, fixed it and then came and showed me the faulty coils and then they gave me a 10% discount… It’s rare I leave a glowing review like this but Byers Customer Service is one of the best I have experienced in the US. Thanks team.

Tiberius Lives (aka rebirth of a 1998 Triumph Daytona 955i Triple Sportsbike)!

Tiberius the Triumph Daytona is ALIVE!

rebirth of a triumph daytonaAfter replacing the fuel pump, a couple of geriatric rubber hoses, upgrading the fuel connectors and a fluid/filter change we have lift off! Project “rebirth of a 1998 Triumph Daytona” is looking good!

The old boy is now ticking over nicely and being gently introduced to the tarmac in short controlled runs to gently run the engine in.  I have two news tyres (aka tires) waiting to be fitted and still have a shortlist of easy servicing items that need to be looked at. But, he’s alive and running.

Next video should be fitting the crash bungs, bodywork, tyres, new indicators and brake line flush…. then… we might be ready for an extended ride out.

But, the bad news is that this is going to take a few months to get ready. I need to do that pesky American Motorcycle license before I do anything else…. and very annoyingly I have some super busy work assignments in the real world that are going to eat up my weekends until after Santa comes. But… it’s so close to running its getting my juices going. #excited

Fun days ahead.

Oil Filter for Triumph Daytona t595

Pretty boring blog entry this one, but as I know I’m going to be stripping down and flushing fluids I think its useful to have a couple of oil filters handy. I know the previous owner filled with new oil but I doubt very much, that he bothered to strip it down and fit a fresh oil filter.

So what does an oil filter do?

…oil filter have one purpose in life: to filter out the particles that enter the oil so that they don’t act as abrasives when the oil recirculates.  The filter is a cellulose (paper) or synthetic media that is usually contained in a steel can.  The front of the can typically has a threaded center with surrounding holes.  t595-oil-filterOil enters through the surrounding holes, passes through the filter media, and exits through the threaded center.  The filters usually screw right onto the engine block using an o-ring gasket to prevent leakage.  Many filters have an anti-drain-back valve to prevent dirty oil from back-washing back into the oil pan.  They also have a pressure relief or bypass valve that will allow oil to bypass the filter element in the event that it becomes too plugged to pass enough oil.  This prevents engine oil starvation and the possibility of destroying the element, allowing pieces of it and the junk it filtered to enter the engine.  Also, when the oil is cold and very thick, it will tend to bypass the filter through the pressure relief valve because it cannot pass through the element until it thins out somewhat.

Found a bargain, a package of three oil filters that will fit T595 T 595 Daytona models from 1997 to 1998 from Filter King Online

$28 for three filters is $$ well spent I think.