September 28

Porsche Cayenne S – Engine Coil problem causes flashing engine MIL CEL light


Driving thru Ohio (on route to South Carolina) my 2008 Porsche Cayenne decided it was time to have it’s first breakdown. Suddenly engine coughing, jerking and flashing engine MIL light scared me into thinking I was stuck hundreds of miles from home.


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After calling every roadside garage and service center I could find on Google and being told the same thing “Sorry it’s friday afternoon. It will have to wait until Monday” I managed to talk to the Parts Desk at Byers Imports. The gentleman told me they had the parts in stock and if I could limp my car the 20 minute drive to their Porsche Center they would try to help…

I managed to stumble into Byers and their *excellent* customer service staff (notably Jeff Zimmerman) bent over backwards to quickly get me fixed and back on the road. All within an hour and their mechanic diagnosed it, fixed it and then came and showed me the faulty coils and then they gave me a 10% discount… It’s rare I leave a glowing review like this but Byers Customer Service is one of the best I have experienced in the US. Thanks team.


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