January 5

When is a Blog a Vlog and does a MotoVlog trump them both?


Another year looms large and it’s lead me to some self-reflection: Namely, what the hell happened to the last five years? How come I’ve been in America for this long and never managed to ride a bike? How come I bought this Daytona T595 and then left it in storage for all this time? Why havent I got around to taking my Yank bike test and will I ever actually ride in the States? What is a motoblog and shall I motovlog the bikes rebirth?
Too many unsatisfactory questions and 2016 is the time to set things straight. HashTag New Years Resolution.
If you have managed to stumble into this webpage then maybe you have some questions — lets try and answer a few:
Who is this bloke?
I’m an English chap, emigrated to find sunshine in the USA a few years ago. I work in I.T. and have spent the last few years travelling around the USA working on various nerdy computing projects. I’ve been constantly dreaming of taking my American Bike License (Sadly these do not transfer over the pond) but just been too busy and too mobile to get off my lazy arse and sort it out. Back in Blighty, I used to ride all the time, lots of euro-tours and a daily commute from Camberley to Brighton — If you dont know these places, they are down on the little wet bit of England — near France.
What is this bike?
Shortly after moving here, in a moment of madness, I bought an old Triumph Daytona from a friend of a friend of a friend because it was in great condition and had been in storage for over six years! After a little prepping the bike fired right up, I handed over the money and started off on my journey back to the home garage. For 15 minutes it ran beautifully and then spluttered, coughed and conked out.  Aaaaargh!   Get the bike home, sit him in my garage and scratch head.
Why the Delays?
My dream of getting on the road and exploring the roads of South East USA were put on hold as I spent more and more time travelling for work. Living out of a suitcase and discovering the phrase “while the cats away the mouse will play” lead to a divorce, incredibly harsh legal fees which in turn lead to needing to work more and even more travelling — ironically, this meant I could *find* myself and lead to the next stage of the exciting journey called life.
What Next?
It’s been a crazy few years of rebuilding my life since moving to the USA and things are finally starting to come together. I recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina and totally love it here! East coast USA has a lot of work opportunities which means less traveling and more typing on keyboards in the home office or at clients. #HUZZAH!So this finally means the daily commute can become a reality. It’s time to get my yankee-doodle bike license sorted, blueprint the Daytona and I can get my arse back in the saddle 🙂
So, Spring 2016 I’m finally getting off my fat arse and getting ready to ride again. Excitement is 95%. I collected and moved Tiberius the Trumpet from it’s storage container to his new home here near the beach. Now it’s time to:
  1. take my yankey-doodle bike test
  2. fix the fuel pump problem
  3. fix all the little broken bits (mirrors, side stand, front brake, speedo, yadda yadda)
  4. tidy up the body work scratches and dings
  5. new rubber
  6. full service from a local bike shop (I have one locally and will post a review when its done)
  7. registration
  8. get some new #charleston weather specific riding gear
  9. get a new shiny helmet for my massive dome
  10. figure out this vlogging thing with a camera and fitting it to the helmet
  11. get on the road
So, now I gotta research this whole motovlogging boom and figure out what kit to buy, what software to use and what nonsense to burble about on my way into the office  😉


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