Viral motorcycle bike rage video – Swarook “Not proud of this Motorcycle road rage shame”

I randomly saw this Swarook video a couple of months ago – it had a few thousand views. I was caught between laughing, cringing and watching it with plain open mouthed incredulity. The worst reflection of the shallow end of American life.

I then binge watched all of the author videos – the guy is called SWAROOK and has a really amusing video style. He definitely opens himself up to youtube-land and I was thoroughly enjoying watching his videos explode on youtube. His bike rage video quickly went viral. Possibly because of the explosive verbal tirade between him and the car driver. Comical and embarrassing to watch.

Then some personal schnizzle happened and he took all his videos offline….. not before I snaffled a copy of my fave – this road rage explosion in a walmart carpark in Denver, Colorado.

Come back soon Swarook!!!