March 11

Time for a new Toolkit


Of course, while packing for a move to another country thats half way round the world, one of the things you dont pay to move is an old assorted collection of hand-me-down tools… it’s only when you need tools that you swear, grimace and wish you had packed them rather than that sentimental wool-sweater than your Grannie knitted for you in 1976.

Off in the dimmest and darkest corners of Noke-Land is a little tool supplier AmPro. On recommendation from a friend of a friend, Joe, we took a little trip down there to review their tool selection and think about buying a tool set.

An hour later, a decisive moment and a few hundred bucks lighter I was trundling home with a big shiney red toolbox in the back of the Porker.

new-toolset-3 new-toolset-2 new-toolset-1

So far, I’m totally impressed. It’s great build quality and when you consider its backed with a lifetime no-quibble replacement guarantee. Can it get any better?

Double Thumbs Up!


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