July 22

Tiberius the Trumpet has been dozing for a whole year


Can it really be that long?

So much has happened while he’s been in his coma: I’ve moved twice (from the mountains of Virginia to the Beaches of Folly and now to eventually settling in Daniel Island, South Carolina) While I moved house, he remained in deep slumber, merely moving from garage to garage. He’s been poked and prodded onto several movers vans. Turned over a few times. Plugged into a battery tender for a few hours. Occasionally sat on while I day dreamed. He slumbered.

It’s now summertime 2011… I have him in the garage and have finally got my toolbox moved here…

Now its time for some strip down, blueprint rebuild action.

Lets see if I can find the time… at the moment I cant see it this side of Chrimbo.  🙁


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