June 25

Pick up an old broken Porsche 911 and take it home to meet mother


[thrive_drop_caps color=’blue’ style=’1′]It’s collection day![/thrive_drop_caps]

Couldn’t be more excited and I definitely woke up with a gleam in my eye this morning. I’m going to collect the Porker today. So excited, soooo excited, I cant type…. #waaaaaaaaaaah


Calm Down.

Deep Breathing.

So, I get to collect the 911 from the previous owners garage, along with a few boxes of spare parts that he had previously unbolted in his failed attempt at renovation. The engine should be dry of oil but I will be flushing and cleaning it out. The engine looks to be at least 90% intact and the only main thing that needs fitting are the new injectors (already in a box) and to be cleaned up and then spun up to see whats UP!

The fuel tank is out, after being repaired from a split seam. While this is slightly worrying, I will check it out and it doesn’t sound big enough to scare me that much.

Time for a calming cup of tea….



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