November 11

Nathan Millward – Global Motorcycle Adventurer


Half way round the world on a Postman’s Bike

aka – A bloke on a ridiculously small 110cc bike wakes up and decides to ride from Sydney Australia back home to England.

I just randomly discovered Nathan Millward – and his globe riding adventure from Oz back to Blighty in 2009! Really enjoyed this introduction to his adventure from Makeyourbones:

In 2009, Brit Nathan Millward was enjoying life working in a cafe in Sydney, but the good times were cut short after his Visa extension was denied and he was given 3 days to pack up his life in Australia and exit the country. Rather than booking a flight back to the UK, he made the bold decision to hit the road and ride home. He packed his world belongings into a box, strapped it to the back of his trusty 105cc Honda postman’s bike (max speed 40mph) and embarked on the ride of his life. He set off with no Visas in place, no mechanical knowledge and wasn’t even sure if his cash would stretch the 23,000 mile ride home . . . Little did Nathan know as he rode away from the Sydney Opera House that morning, he was at the start of a grand journey that would take him further than he ever could have imagined. A journey not just of epic proportions, but one that would take him right to the extremities of personal discovery and ultimately, would take him in search of the end of the road.

How on earth has Nathan flown under the rader for a decade?

His vlogging style is delightfully down to earth. I’m currently going through all his vlog’s from over a decade ago and enjoying every moment of his adventure. Living vicariously through his eyes. 😉

After all those miles nobody tried to hurt me or steal anything from me. The world is a much brighter place than we are led to believe.

Nathan Millward

Check him out on Instasnort at


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