January 9

K&N Airfilter for Tiberius the Trumpet


So, while the Yellow Peril is in pieces, I’m sifting through ebay for useful bits and pieces that I can bolt on to improve or swap out to make sharper. I thought it might be useful to get myself a new air filter.

K&N Airfilter for Tiberius the Trumpet 1They say the K&N Airfilter for a Triumph Daytona T595 will unleash power and throttle response. Obviously leading to the bike running and breathing better with the K&N Air Filter.

Bought on eBay for $47 delivered to my door.

What does an Air Filter Do?

When an engine burns, almost all of the fuel is turned to gas. This gas powers the pistons down, then is ejected from the engine so a new compression cycle can begin. There are many things in the air, however, that don’t burn cleanly or at all. If tiny pieces of dirt, road salt, pollen or other contaminants get into your car’s air intake, they can damage pistons, clog valves and generally shorten the life of your car. The air filter stops these contaminants from getting in in the first place.

Much nicer than the standard plastic Triumph filter, and dead easy to fit – thats the bit I like the most!  😉


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