May 9

Icon Varient Motorcyle Helmet – does it fit great big heads?


So, while I’ve been working here in California, poor old Tiberius (The Custard Racer) has been quietly snoozing and gathering more dust and moss in a lockup back on the East Coast. Planning on loading up a moving truck and driving across the USA (East to West) at end of June. Going to be an exciting roadtrip with my #1 son (Nathan) and I’m just itching to get the motorcycle unloaded, fixed up, tweaked, shined, kissed and on the road…

But I need two things before that

(1) an American Bike license. *oops*

So, I’m planning on doing the California DMV Road Competency thing as soon as the bike gets here. Should be fun, even though its been 15 years since I last took a bike test. I might even invest in a helmet cam and film it for future embarrassment.

Which leads me to:

(2) a new Helmet

icon_varient_helmetMy son quietly stole my VEGA offroad helmet — and during all our moves I seem to have lost my AFX fullface helmet (Waaaah!)

So, looking around on line I found the gorgeous looking ICON VARIENT – this seems to be the helmet of choice for many of YOUTUBE’s motorcycle vloggers:

It looks like a kind of upgraded version of my old ARAI DS – but with a large splat of HALO and a little bit SPACE SUIT thrown in.

Now… should I think about just getting it and properly vlogging Tiberius the Trumpet‘s resurgence?

Ahhh… GoPro?




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