September 12

Hunting for Exotic Desert Matter with #INGRESS


I’ve been an INGRESS addict for a couple of years now. Love this game, it’s fun, nerdy and gets me out and about to visit and hack portals in strange places.

What is INGRESS?

Ingress is a futuristic, nerdy, massive multiplayer augmented reality game set in the physical world. Powered by smartphone GPS it maps the real world with a secret layer of Ingress portals over the top. The basic premise is that their is a battle going on all around us, all the time. Inter-dimensional Portals exist at famous landmarks, statues, churches, places of historic interest or other places where us humans gather. These are leaking exotic matter into the world and we can link portals together to create fields – thus helping people who are under this field to be affected by this exotic matter. When you first install INGRESS on your phone you will get to choose a team, or faction, the ENLIGHTENED or the RESISTANCE. Take your pick on which side you think is the good guys or the bad guys.  Using our smartphones, Ingress players (or Agents) can see the ingress world in real time all around us. Portals exist and are actively attacked and defended by both factions all the time. It’s fun, I’ve met some cool people (and some weird ones 🙂 ) and I’ve spent many many hours travelling to specific GPS co-ordinates just to hack a portal. I’ve seen things I would never normally have seen and visited places I would never have know where there.

I’ve been in Vegas for a couple of months now – finally getting settled in.

I’m on the verge of finally getting Tiberius the Trumpet on the road, just got some more DMV paperwork and titling issues to get sorted.

Cant wait to get back on two wheels and do a series of #INGRESS blogs while out exploring the Las Vegas Valley. I’m already quite juiced at the prospect of exploring places like Death Valley, Area 51, Old Las Vegas and even hooting out to California for a days riding and exploring!




#Enlightened, #INGRESS

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