September 13

Hello New (old) Porsche Truck


Back into the wonderful world of grin inducing Porsche driving

After being carless for a week and trying to decide what to buy – I bought this 2006 Porsche Cayenne S of an old friend… well, actually an ex-girlfriend who had bought this car because she loved my old silver one so much.

Luckily for me, she has a new job with a company car so the Porker is surplus to her requirements. I helped her choose this one, so I know its a solid reliable car and hopefully it will be solid and reliable for me while I lick my wounds and gradually payoff my backlog of Audi repair debt.

Affectionately title “Bertha” the only problem with this old girl is that she lives in South Carolina and I live in Nevada.

This sounds like a quick cross country roadtest :

  • New battery (flat after sitting idle for 4 months)
  • New tires (they were bald as a coot)
  • Oil change (sludgy sludgy)
  • Repair stereo head-unit (which had expired when her teenage had tried installing it)
  • Investigate the occasionally-functioning AIRCON (this could be a big deal but I think I’ve fixed by replacing the switch 🙂 )
Hello New (old) Porsche Truck 1
New part-worn tires from Bernies of Charleston – don’t judge! Four *asnew* tires for $100 a corner. When buying new cost was $265 a corner. #winner

After flying out to South Carolina I realized I hadn’t bought my webcam so was unable to video the 3 day, 2700 mile cross country spring. Probably just as well #officer.



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