February 4

First day of driving UBER in Charleston South Carolina


Twenty Bucks an Hour

… close to minimum wage but it pays for fuel and I get to meet some really nice people and help them get where they want to go and still have money left for a cold beer later when I get home. My first day being an Uber-bloke was an enjoyable success.  🙂  #PorscheUber

First day of driving UBER in Charleston South Carolina 1

My first day (and when I say DAY I mean two hours) of Ubering around Chucktown.

I met some great people, and go to drive around the lovely roads of SC. This little clip just has the final 3 passengers – from talkative to quiet to a fascinating political conversation.

Cruising in the Porker from CHS Airport out to North Charleston, then down to Olde Charleston Towne and finally back out the airport on the way home to Mount Pleasant.

Fun day out and met some cool, friendly and interesting people. I’m already planning my next drive-around on Sunday.

Try it out yourself and make money with your car! Use this link for $120 extra: https://partners.uber.com/i/jng2w


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