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Uber Rideshare in a Porsche Cayenne around Charleston SC

So, as started a side-gig called 'being an UBER driver'

… and spending a couple of hours as a rideshare Uber driver was fun!

Uber Rideshare in a Porsche Cayenne around Charleston SC 1A few weeks ago, after yet another Uber drive to get home from the airport I thought to myself:

  • I thoroughly enjoy exploring around Charleston
  • I thoroughly enjoy driving the Porker
  • I thoroughly enjoy recording video and video editing

Why don’t i sign up with Uber to be a driver? Then I can do all that and earn some beer money while doing it…

So, I did. It was really easy – just download the Uber Driver App and the get on the beautiful roads of Charleston and cruise around the area. I live in Mount Pleasant, the beautiful suburb of ole #chucktown, just over the Ravanel Bridge (which I think is correctly called the Cooper River Bridge or something that sounds so much more boring) so the easy entry to my first Uber rides as slick, friendly an easy.

Signing up with Uber is super easy, fun, simple and you get to see interesting roads and meet interesting people… while earning money as well! Try it out yourself and make money with your car! Use this link for $120 extra: https://partners.uber.com/i/jng2w


Lazy Weekend in Charleston with the Cayenne a Pooch Palace and Sunday Drivers

Google Glass, Porsche Cayenne and two Spaniels

Nothing exciting to see here… move along move along

So, in this weeks exquisitely dull video I realised that I hadn’t uploaded anything for a few weeks. So, in a fit of self despair I decided to record a little jaunt across Charleston to collect the dogs from a doggie sitter on James Island.

The day after Hurricane Matthew driving from Mount Pleast to IOP in Charleston

The morning after Hurricane Matthew has blown it's way through the South Carolinas

it’s time for a quick driving lessons for eldest Son and an attempt to goto the beach for a dog walk (Blocked by the Plod). The storm had dissipated greatly by the time it had got to us up here, and was just one big almighty rain storm, so not that much wind damage but lots of storm tide and flooding damage.

Driving from Mount Pleasant, across the IOP Connector and then back up to Mount Pleasant and across to Put Bridge (that connects Mount Pleasant to Sullivans Island) for a quick stroll in the brisk blowy Charleston Harbour Breezes.

The calm before the storm – riding around Park West in Mount Pleasant SC

Days before the very naughty Hurricane Matthew hits Charleston…

I decided to stay here, ignoring the evacuation order. I feel like this house is far enough inland and sheltered enough that it wont be affected by the storm (except flying debris possibly) and the only flooding that we should face is from the rainfall.

So, it’s time for some hurricane preperation.

  • Buy lots of beer
  • Jack the Porsche up to raise it as far above the garage floor as possible
  • Test Helmet Cam and
  • Park the Triumph in the house… after taking it for a quick spin around the lovely housing estate called Park West in Mount Pleasant SC

(worst hurricane preparation system ever)

Charleston South Carolina – it’s a special place

Since emmigrating to the USA in 2008, I’ve worked all over the place and used the time to explore this great big country: Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Nevada (Vegas Baby!), Texas and California. Great memories of each state and the marvelous cities I’ve lived in. Normally spending between 6 months to a year in each location has given me a great opportunity to see the sights and discover what I like, where I want to be and the people I want to be part of.

I’ve lived on the Southern Edge of Charleston SC (a place called Folly Beach) and the Northern edge on Charleston (a place called Daniel Island).

Charleston has a special charm.

According to Travel and Leisure magazine:

No. 1 Charleston, South Carolina

Urbane but quaint: This South Carolina city won the survey by balancing sophisticated tastes with small-town charm. Charleston is home to four out of the survey’s top five small-city hotels in the U.S.: these boutique hotels tend to be rehabbed mansions, like the former cotton-baron homeWentworth Mansion, or the antiques-filled Planter’s Inn, which dates back to 1844. Planter’s Inn is also home to one of the best low-county restaurants in the city: Peninsula Grill, where you can start with oyster stew and wild-mushroom grits and finish with its signature coconut cake. Not only did these hospitable South Carolinians rank highly for their well-crafted local cuisine, but they also landed near the top of the survey for likeability.

Chucktown is calling me… home.

I’m going to be calling Charleston my home.