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#projectstork makes me hashtag jealous :)

So, I stumbled across this series of videos on Youtube called #ProjectStork. This chap is chronicling the resurrection a 1977 911 that has been sitting in a garage since 2002. Sounds familiar huh…

 Manuel Carrillo III begin the process of resurrecting the 1977 Porsche 911S that belonged to his father. It’s the car that brought him home from the hospital. Who said restoring a 1977 Porsche 911 S was easy? No one. That doesn’t mean someone with limited mechanical ability can’t tackle such a restoration. It simply means anyone who attempts a Porsche 911 restoration needs to be emotionally prepared for one part blood, one part sweat, and five parts tears.

The rebirth process has been sponsored by Hayes (you know the famous workbook peeps), CTEK chargers and Borla are designing and building a new exhaust system for it. Colour me jealous.

Episode 1 - dragging it out of its 15 year long hidey hole

Episode 2 - draining fluids and inspecting

Episode 3 - actually firing the thing up!

Only three episodes so far!!!

I wish we had longer and more detailed episodes. /me loves stuff like this

It’s inspired me….


A New Home for a barnfind Porsche 911 with a Flat Tire

Playing with Instagram as I finally got the barnfind porsche #911Targa into the garage…

A New Home… #porsche #911 #targa #classicporsche #porsche911 #rebuild #homemechanic

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PS: It needs a little more work than just a FLAT TIRE  😉

One day I found an old Porsche 911

Interesting story attached to this lovely old sports car — The previous owner has owned it since the 1990 and in ’97 moved from California over here to the East Coast. Shortly after moving it was involved in a parking lot *ding* which meant a dented rear wing and broken whale-tail. The Porker was put into a small shop to get fixed up and also have some engine tuning done. The owner was also driving a Porsche 914 at the time and was in no rush to get it done.

But… after many months the small shop was raided by the 5-0 and closed down because it was involved in ringing cars and operating as an illegal chop-shop. The Targa was impounded by the Police. Fast forward many months and the car was returned the owner but partially stripped down — by the police who had been looking for secret drug compartments!

The car was loaded into the owners garage with the intention that he would fix it up himself. He continued to drive his other Porsche and the sad lonely 911 sat neglected and slowly buried under garage detritius as weeks became months. Months slowly became years as the owner got married, had kids, moved around for work. Years turned into decades and slumbered for nearly 20 years.

Fast forward to 2016 and he’s moving house and under the piles of garage junk digs out the old Targa. It’s unhappy, interior leather is jaded, engine will not start and has what looks like a fuel leak from the tank. Mice have been in the Cabin for many years having a party.

He decided (or maybe his wife did) that it was time to clear out the car and find a new owner…. Luckily I’m the one that got there with the right $offer at the right time.

I take delivery in June and looking forward to bring this wonderful machine back to life!