February 15

68 miles in 7 years


THIS is a low mileage Triumph Daytona 😉

Finally got old Tiberius close to finished — only the front indicators to fit. So, it’s time for a spin around the neighborhood to wash out the cobwebs and get the juices flowing.

Finally clicked past 68 miles.

68 miles in 7 years 1

Also a chance to test the helmet cam setup: ION SpeedCam running HD 1080 for video and audio using a Sena Bluetooth for phone call but recording direct to an MP3 on my phone.

It captured voice really good, even with helmet open and practically cut out wind noise. Very surprising. This setup involves too much faffage for my liking.

On the bright side, the T595 rides like a charm. Love this bike, the big triple engine howl is addictive.


daytona, roadtest, t595

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