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suffolk andy

Motovlogger: Suffolk Andy

I like this chap. He just bimbles around the home counties, especially Suffolk, and waffles away about life in general. It’s a nice memory jog of some of my old hunting grounds.


Motovlogger: Premises187

London’s weird and dangerous roads with Premises187. Premises187 somehow seems to attract drama on his rides through London. One of the few motovlogs that makes me laugh out loud. LOL. Really.

He is often confrontational, quite sweary and just plain amusing 



Motovlogger: Wyvern Biker

Wyvernbiker is an English Motovlogger based in Derby in the East Midlands.

I started riding late in life. In 2010 and learnt to ride on a YBR125. After getting my full license I bought a GS500 and now I ride a 2011 SV650s and a 2005 ER5.

the wyvern bloke himself

I like his dry sense of humour, some great scenery, but sadly he doesnt post very often.

Check him out at https://www.youtube.com/user/wyvernbiker/videos