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Charleston Winters are better than English Summers :)

More Sunday Waffle from Sullivans to Isle of Palms

A quick little cruise along Sullivans Island onto Isle of Palms. Then from IOP upto Mount Pleasant over the marsh lands of the IOP Connector.

Musing about changing the Porsche Cayenne for a Mercedes G-Wagon… or an old landrover Defender… or maybe a 1970’s Toyota Landcruiser…. or a more modern Nissan Armada… or… or…. do I even want to sell this uber-Cayenne?

The day after Hurricane Matthew driving from Mount Pleast to IOP in Charleston

The morning after Hurricane Matthew has blown it's way through the South Carolinas

it’s time for a quick driving lessons for eldest Son and an attempt to goto the beach for a dog walk (Blocked by the Plod). The storm had dissipated greatly by the time it had got to us up here, and was just one big almighty rain storm, so not that much wind damage but lots of storm tide and flooding damage.

Driving from Mount Pleasant, across the IOP Connector and then back up to Mount Pleasant and across to Put Bridge (that connects Mount Pleasant to Sullivans Island) for a quick stroll in the brisk blowy Charleston Harbour Breezes.