September 16

joyous sound of a Hinkley Triple – riding home from Bol Dor


Monday 16th September

Up and about early… I ride down to Johnnie and Ian’s tent to awaken them with the joyous sound of a Hinkley Triple… we all leave the site at aprox 9am..

while detouring for petrol we lose Johnnie and Ian… while following map Leader Rob he decides that he’s on a mission and races off into the sunset… confusion reigns for a while…

we stop for lunch and a well earned ‘clean lavatory’ episode… some fantastic back roads out to Le Mans… through Le Mans and north towards Caene… Gary vanishes while crossing the Bermuda Roundabout… swift, land speed record racing up to Cherbourg… meet up with missing Bol Dor companions… onto ferry… and back home.

The end…. until NEXT YEAR!


Bol Dor

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