September 12

BOL D’OR September 2002 – Thursday 12th September

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Favourite quotes:

“There’s a lovely cake shop in Rouen” Rob
“It’s not big and it’s not clever” Cab
“bah..bah..bahbuh.bahbuh.bu.bu.BANG” Brian
“I will never rev my bike like that” Eric
“Was it a wreck when you bought it” Gary
“Mooooh…Mooooooh… Moonriver!” Gary
“Buffalo come? Huh? I don’t get it…” Brian

Thursday 12th September

Left Home… buzzed down to Portsmouth on the A32… met Cab, Brian and Rob… got in queue for Le Havre Ferry.. Gary called and said he was in the queue and but couldn’t find us… we looked for him… Gary realised he was in the queue for the wrong Ferry and was going to Cherbourg… we chuckled quite a lot… Gary switched Ferries and joined us… boarded… drunk some beer… laid on floor and slept.


Bol Dor

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