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68 miles in 7 years

now THATS a low mileage Triumph Daytona 😉

Finally got old Tiberius close to finished — only the front indicators to fit. So, it’s time for a spin around the neighborhood to wash out the cobwebs and get the juices flowing. Finally clicked past 68 miles.

68 miles in 7 years 1Also a chance to test the helmet cam setup: ION SpeedCam running HD 1080 for video and audio using a Sena Bluetooth for phone call but recording direct to an MP3 on my phone. It captured voice really good, even with helmet open and practically cut out wind noise. Very surprising. This setup involves too much faffage for my liking.

On the bright side, the T595 rides like a charm. Love this bike, the big triple engine howl is addictive.

Fitting bodywork to a T595 Triumph Daytona | Free #MIRROR give-away competition

#MIRROR Free Stuff

Finally, the old boy is close to being back in road-worthy condition. It’s been a long, lazy journey for Tiberius the Trumpet but he is finally looking good. Running Good. Sounding awesome. Everything seems to be working nicely.  Just a couple of minor issues to fix and then to get back on the road:

  • Engine running – check
  • Body work fitted – check
  • Crash Bungs – waiting to be fitted (now I’m out of #idiot mode)
  • New Tires – waiting to be fitted
  • Front Indicators – need trimming, wiring and fitting

During fitting I decided to stick with the original Triumph Factory rear-view mirrors. So I now have a spare set of carbon look front mirrors… an unwanted set of mirrors… new sexy mirrors… and I’m giving them away for free!

Fitting bodywork to a T595 Triumph Daytona | Free #MIRROR give-away competition 2To win these mirrors:
(1) Comment on the YOUTUBE video using the hashtag #MIRROR
(2) Share the Video to facebook, twitter, whereever you want
(3) subscribe please?

When I see 50 comments – I will choose one at random! Then I can post the mirrors to you free of charge. I’ve had plenty of help from other bikers over the years and it’s just a small gesture to maybe help someone else out…

Who said there was no such thing as a free lunch?

Good Luck!

Changing the battery in a Porsche Cayenne S

Its hidden under the seat

Miss Kates battery decided to was time to go sleep. #thebigsleep It had fizzled and farted for a couple of months and because she had let it run completely flat a few times, it finally gave up the ghost. So it wont start but has just enough juice to operate the internal electrics and to get it jump started and driven to my place…

The battery in a Porsche Cayenne is cunningly hidden away under the drivers seat – in the traditional place in the front engine compartment there is a + and = terminal that can be used to jump start the vehicle.

I had never changed a Cayenne battery before but decided to video the process after reading the steps on a Forum. It was easy, a little fiddly and took around 15-20 minutes. Now I’ve done it once it would take half that when/if I do it again.

How to replace porsche cayenne battery

Tools: M10 multispline 3/8 socket & ratchet 10mm 3/8 socket 10mm spanner Most Porsche Cayenne 955 (Gen 1) models have a single large battery under the left front seat: that is the passenger seat on a right-hand drive car. The seat base lifts up on a pair of rear-mounted hinges to allow access to the battery box. The multispline M10 bolts which hold the front of the seat frame down are under the two plastic covers in front of the seat: these just clip off to reveal the bolt heads. Undo the bolts and tilt the seat up: hold it up out of the way with a strap to the grab handle if you’re worried. Now you can see the battery cover, which has four clips, one in each corner: undo those and lift the cover off. Your 10mm spanner will undo the terminals (remove earth first), and the 10mm socket will undo the front corner bracket, and the big side clamp holding the battery in place. If you’re worried about losing your radio settings etc, connect a battery charger to the terminals before you unhook them. Once the two clamps are off and the terminals have been detached and secured out of the way, disconnect the small battery vent hose and get the old battery out of there. It is worth cleaning any dirt and dust out of the battery tray before sliding the new battery in.

Ferdinand Magazine

First day of driving UBER in Charleston South Carolina

Twenty Bucks an Hour'

… close to minimum wage but it pays for fuel and I get to meet some really nice people and help them get where they want go and still have money left for a cold beer later when I get home. My first day of Uber was an enjoyable success.  🙂  #PorscheUber


First day of driving UBER in Charleston South Carolina 3My first day (and when I say DAY I mean two hours) of Ubering around Chucktown. I met some great people, and go to drive around the lovely roads of SC. This little clip just has the final 3 passengers – from talkative to quiet to a fascinating political conversation. Cruising in the Porker from CHS Airport out to North Charleston, then down to Olde Charleston Towne and finally back out the airport on the way home to Mount Pleasant. Fun day out and met some cool, friendly and interesting people. It was a fun day out and I’m already planning my next drive-around on Sunday.

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