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Charleston Winters are better than English Summers :)

More Sunday Waffle from Sullivans to Isle of Palms

A quick little cruise along Sullivans Island onto Isle of Palms. Then from IOP upto Mount Pleasant over the marsh lands of the IOP Connector.

Musing about changing the Porsche Cayenne for a Mercedes G-Wagon… or an old landrover Defender… or maybe a 1970’s Toyota Landcruiser…. or a more modern Nissan Armada… or… or…. do I even want to sell this uber-Cayenne?

a little road trip to Sullivans Island, South Carolina – Defenders, Sagging, Poes Burgers and Walkies

More November waffle - a cruise around the roads of Charleston on the way to walk the Dogs at Sullivans Island Beach.

On the way to let the Hell Hounds run wild in the beach sand — I stopped at a little garage selling vintage retro-cars which have been spiffied up. Is “spiffied” even a word?

Shall I sell the Cayenne and buy something else? I love this car and seriously think I will regret selling. Now I’ve slept on it. I’m sticking with the super Cayenne.

Lazy Weekend in Charleston with the Cayenne a Pooch Palace and Sunday Drivers

Google Glass, Porsche Cayenne and two Spaniels

Nothing exciting to see here… move along move along

So, in this weeks exquisitely dull video I realised that I hadn’t uploaded anything for a few weeks. So, in a fit of self despair I decided to record a little jaunt across Charleston to collect the dogs from a doggie sitter on James Island.