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A New Home for a barnfind Porsche 911 with a Flat Tire

Playing with Instagram as I finally got the barnfind porsche #911Targa into the garage…

A New Home… #porsche #911 #targa #classicporsche #porsche911 #rebuild #homemechanic

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PS: It needs a little more work than just a FLAT TIRE  😉

Pick up an old broken Porsche 911 and take it home to meet mother

It’s collection day!

Couldn’t be more excited and I definitely woke up with a gleam in my eye this morning. I’m going to collect the Porker today. So excited, soooo excited, I cant type…. #waaaaaaaaaaah


Calm Down.

Deep Breathing.

So, I get to collect the 911 from the previous owners garage, along with a few boxes of spare parts that he had previously unbolted in his failed attempt at renovation. The engine should be dry of oil but I will be flushing and cleaning it out. The engine looks to be at least 90% intact and the only main thing that needs fitting are the new injectors (already in a box) and to be cleaned up and then spun up to see whats UP!

The fuel tank is out, after being repaired from a split seam. While this is slightly worrying, I will check it out and it doesn’t sound big enough to scare me that much.

Time for a calming cup of tea….


Collecting the Porsche 911 in two days

So, I’ve cleared out a space in the garage, a new home for #Project911Targa

Went to visit the Porker yesterday, moved lots of shit out of this crazy old mans garage and uncovered the car. Spent thirty minutes brushing off dust, cobwebs, dead pigeons, rats, layers of dirt and rust. I’m discovering that I’ve probably definitely bitten of more than I can chew…  but… exciting adventures ahead learning to renovate an old sports car… and of course the opportunity to use lots and lots of ‘…’ in all my new blogs.

I’m going to video the collection and relocation on Thursday. call me #soexcitedicouldpissmypants

Tiberius Lives (aka rebirth of a 1998 Triumph Daytona 955i Triple Sportsbike)!

Tiberius the Triumph Daytona is ALIVE!

rebirth of a triumph daytonaAfter replacing the fuel pump, a couple of geriatric rubber hoses, upgrading the fuel connectors and a fluid/filter change we have lift off! Project “rebirth of a 1998 Triumph Daytona” is looking good!

The old boy is now ticking over nicely and being gently introduced to the tarmac in short controlled runs to gently run the engine in.  I have two news tyres (aka tires) waiting to be fitted and still have a shortlist of easy servicing items that need to be looked at. But, he’s alive and running.

Next video should be fitting the crash bungs, bodywork, tyres, new indicators and brake line flush…. then… we might be ready for an extended ride out.

But, the bad news is that this is going to take a few months to get ready. I need to do that pesky American Motorcycle license before I do anything else…. and very annoyingly I have some super busy work assignments in the real world that are going to eat up my weekends until after Santa comes. But… it’s so close to running its getting my juices going. #excited

Fun days ahead.

Best of British – Motovlogger “The Crumble”

Mr Crumble a Cheeky Northern Englishman

thecrumbleMister Crumble was one of the first motovloggers that I followed back in the dim dark distance past. He’s a Northern bloke, cheeky, amusing with a sense of humour that reminds of Peter thingie that fat funny northern comedian bloke.

If this comment makes you smile “…hard right into hard left into easy girl draped over snooker table. That’s a navigational thing you will never hear isnt it” then you might just like the legend that is The Crumble.