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London mounted horse police stops GSXR biker popping wheelies

aka – When one horse is better than eighty

Regardless of how you feel about motorcycle riders popping wheelies in urban surroundings, this is handled in a most civilised way and is an example of good policing, fantastically well trained horses and a rider who took his reprimands well (despite his claims of doing 22mph max LOL)

Will he do it again?



Vive La France!

L’équipée: Five Parisians girls passionate about old motorbikes and adventure who are going to ride the Himalaya on Royal Enfields with style.

Speaking as a red-blooded Englishman...

 there is possibly nothing better that watching beautiful women, dressed stylishly and riding old motorcycles with verve. The spirit, excitement and passion of these riders is great to watch. Lovely filmography was well. Double thumbs up!

I just looked at the comments and my favorite so far is: